Food Reserves Compared


What makes a particular survival food reserve the right choice? How can we best compare one food reserve to another to decide? Fortunately, we consumers have a ton of information on food reserve contents and their nutrition information to help us. How can you gather info and compare it effectively without spending many hours researching and note taking? We decided

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Mobile Survival Food and Water

*Originally Posted Feb 28th, 2009 The narrative is that “there are troubles ahead, but ‘just right’ troubles, the kind survivalists have the means to confront … imagined troubles always match the means at hand — or what is for sale to solve the problem. Richard Mitchell Jr., professor emeritus at Oregon State University and author of “Dancing at Armageddon: Survivalism

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2011 Resolution – Be Food Prepared

There are many people who took action to be food prepared at some point in the last five years. And now that it is 2011, they are not. Are you someone who bought bulk staples and tried to grow a sustenance garden – two, three, even five years ago? Did you watch the food go to waste unused and found

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MRE Information


MRE or “Meals Ready to eat” are military-style food rations. There are two categories of MRE: Military MRE Commercial civilian MRE. Military meals ready to eat are made for the US military and the armed forces of other countries. They are sometimes sold on eBay but there is risk there as the military considers this illegal as they want to

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Why Freeze Dried Food is Better

What is it about freeze dried food that makes it a better choice for survival food? Freeze dried food is an “always prepared” survival food choice. Threats of disasters come and go and if you bought extra food that is not long storage, chances are you will throw it out or have food you can not eat when a disaster

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Wise Advice on Being Prepared for the Worst

Here is a great comment on being prepared from Tricia. We all learn from experience, and those who have experienced the worst are wisely the best prepared. Thanks for sharing, Tricia. Hi, my husband and I have been building up a supply of food for about 8 years. After Hurricane Ivan hit and left us with nothing we had to

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