2011 Resolution – Be Food Prepared

There are many people who took action to be food prepared at some point in the last five years. And now that it is 2011, they are not.

Are you someone who bought bulk staples and tried to grow a sustenance garden – two, three, even five years ago? Did you watch the food go to waste unused and found you were too busy to keep it up? Now, how prepared are you?

If on the other hand you bought a large freeze dried food reserve five years ago, you would still be as prepared in 2011 as when you bought it. And you would continue to be food prepared for another 20 years.

This is the same message I have repeated in many posts. Why keep repeating the message? I keep hearing from readers the same story again and again.

At some point, they get enthusiastic about food preparedness. It is driven by fear created in some news story that seems like danger is imminent. They feel a responsibility to protect their family and others from the consequences of some news event of the day. They go around survival sites and get good information and decide that a life dedicated to being prepared is for them.

Then the event does not happen or was smaller than expected and does not affect them.

Remember Y2K, SARs, H1N1, Peak Oil scare 2008, depression and collapse scare of 2009-10?   These events did not directly result in people needing and using a food reserve. However, these risks have not gone away.  And every time a risk gets newsworthy again,  you might remember the time and money you previously wasted on food preparedness that withered away a short time later.  What do you feel like doing? Getting prepared again or not? Maybe you just hope the risk goes away and take your chances.

So why not invest in being food  prepared? If this time, however, you invest in something that is going to last a long time, there is no reason not to be food prepared.  When you really do need it, it is there for you and your loved ones.

For 2011, my hope none of us need to use our food reserves.

Unfortunately however in 2010,  I do know that some of us who have seen their jobs disappear with no good opportunities on the horizon have already started to use their food reserves. I hope that stops in 2011.


  1. Hey! Great post! I remember Y2K and all the food that we wasted because of it! Definitely need to think about what we’re investing in when we’re investing!

  2. Excellently written, great article. Story is, with all the droughts, heatwaves, flooding, the food shortage is going to come this April. It’s been in the news OFTEN about food prices rising this Spring.
    There WILL be a shortage of wheat, corn & other grains. I shall follow your blog.

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