The Three Big Food Storage Mistakes Most People Make

If you are storing food long term for disaster, survival, or job loss, there are three very common mistakes that most people make. Look at your food storage habits and be sure you aren’t doing one of these.

The first big mistake is storing food that you don’t like. While it’s not realistic to store months of food from your favorite recipes and dishes, you can’t have food stored up that you really don’t like eating at all. Put things into your storage supplies that you actually look forward to and enjoy eating. Be sure there are plenty of things like salt, sugar, and spices to make the food taste good.

Another mistake is not rotating your supplies. If you go to the store and buy a new jar of peanut butter, put that into your food storage containers. Take the old one out and use that one for day to day use. This keeps everything that is stored on a constant rotation making sure things stay fresher. This also helps with problem one where you are actually used to eating the food you are storing.

The third mistake is storing all your food in the same place. This is a huge mistake made by many. If there is a fire or tornado and takes out the part of your home where all that food is stored, you now have none. If you are doing long term storage consider putting it in different places around the home. As an additional step consider storing some food at a different location as well.

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