Why Freeze Dried Food is Better

What is it about freeze dried food that makes it a better choice for survival food?

  • Freeze dried food is an “always prepared” survival food choice. Threats of disasters come and go and if you bought extra food that is not long storage, chances are you will throw it out or have food you can not eat when a disaster strikes.
  • Freeze dried food is a “one-time” food preparedness purchase. Until disaster strikes you do not need to use it. You can wait up to 25 years for a disaster to strike before you will want to throw it away.
  • Freeze dried food reserves are prepared meals where you only need to add water to eat. No other preparation is required. This is of great value if the energy source you need to cook is not available or you are too weak to cook.
  • Food is closer to what most American’s eat. Radical changes in diet can cause added stress and eating problems in a crisis.

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